cladding doors
TTV-01, photo: Christoph Edelhoff

Doors, cladding and panelling, partition walls

partition wall with glas
TTV-05, photo: Christoph Edelhoff

We are not the right place for industrial systems and components. Not that we have anything against these items; it is just not our business area. Our product is developed and manufactured to meet exclusive requirements. For and, of course, with our customers. Take advantage of our experience and know-how if you are looking for customised solutions. And benefit from our ambition of being outstandingly good. In short: if you are looking for something special, talk to us.


The door opens; the door closes. In the simplest of terms that would be all there is to doors if the users did not have an extremely wide range of requirements. Many of these requirements are adequately satisfied by well-engineered industrial systems.
We manufacture wooden doors with special design requirements; we also manufacture fire doors from aluminium with the exact format, design and delivery-date you require.

Cladding and panelling

Wainscoting which integrates the requirements of modern technology, cladding for technical equipment, cladding with built-in cupboards or just simple wall cladding and panelling made from the widest possible range of materials. Our solutions generate a focus or create a uniform interior decor. A classic product of our trade - supplemented by mastery of innovative manufacturing techniques for modern materials.

Partition walls

In modern interior design, partition walls connect rather than divide. Good partition walls create transparency while providing a visual or acoustic screen at the same time. Ideally, room dividers, zoning or compartmentalisation needed for safety and security reasons conform with the surrounding fitments in terms of material and detailing. This cannot always be achieved with industrial products. We will develop and produce systems for you which are precisely customised to meet your requirements and decor. And which meet the most stringent demands of design, safety, functionality and quality.