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photo: Christoph Edelhoff

We are a very versatile company

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photo: Christoph Edelhoff

Carefully selected materials and modern equipment are indispensable starting points in the manufacture of an outstanding product. But what really determines quality is the experience and know-how of the people who are involved in the product’s manufacture.
Since its foundation as a cabinet-maker’s workshop in 1931, Muhlack Kiel has systematically extended its product range and now has major in-house manufacturing depth and design skills in all aspects of its operations.
We train staff in four disciplines and employ about 60 people. Muhlack Kiel is a family company and since 2000 has been led by Kay Muhlack who represents the third generation of his family to own and manage the company. Flexibility, craftsmanship, professional design and the drive to meet the challenges set by customers characterise the work of our committed team. We will turn your plans into reality with sensitivity, flair and craftsmanship. Thought-out. Comprehensive. Professional.

That’s Muhlack.

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