TTR-04, photo: Christoph Edelhoff

Muhlack counters

for reception, gastronomy, consulting, sales or refrigeration

reception counter
TTR-05, photo: Christoph Edelhoff

Counters, bars, lunch counters, breakfast counters – the names are as many and varied as the uses of these fixtures. Whether intended as a contact point for customers and staff or for retail display and sales. These fixtures always have more than one function. The combination of design and function, compliance with regulations and the necessary work processes, not to mention the quality that goes with craftsmanship are all needed if every one of these functions is to be met. For many years now we have been designing bars and counters which meet these requirements. Use our experience and know-how when it comes to designing counters. And benefit from our ambition to excel.

Reception: the first impression is decisive

They say: the first impression is decisive. So it is all the more important for you that it is positive for you. The reception area reflects the values of your company and is often both an information centre and a telephone exchange.

The hospitality industry

Counters for the hospitality industry are complex work-places with demanding requirements for the integration of technical equipment and efficiently designed work processes. As central points of communication, counters for restaurants, bars and hotels are the fixed access point for guests and staff. Intelligent details, the right selection of materials and optimal use of space are the key criteria for long-lasting, attractive and economic fixtures. Our counter solutions ensure that your guests will feel at ease for a long time and that your staff will be able to work well.