TSA-01, photo: Christoph Edelhoff

Cabinets, workstations and information furniture

TSA-05, Foto: Christoph Edelhoff

It is only fit for purpose if it meets all the requirements placed on it and creates efficient working conditions. Precision-manufactured standard components meet many requirements. But never all. And unique conditions lead repeatedly to problems for which there is, as yet, no solution. If, when designing your fitments and furniture the question goes beyond how many metres of cupboard space you need and whether the frame of your tables should have 4 feet or a C-shape, we are the right company for you. We will combine design and function for your work-place and if a component is needed which does not yet exist, we will design it. So that you can always be effective in your job and can take pleasure in it.


Filing cabinets, storage cabinets, shelves, sideboards, highboards, containers, trolleys. All these are cabinets of one form or another which make organisation in the workplace possible. For 90 years we have been designing and manufacturing this type of furniture for every imaginable sector. And exactly as our customers wanted. In almost every material and every possible format. You define what you want and we offer the solution, whether you are looking or 1 off or 1000 off.

Workstations and information furniture

Whatever your job is, your workstation should fit you like a made-to-measure suit. And generally you can’t get workplaces like this “off the peg”. It pinches here and pulls there. This is too short and that is too long. And the colour is not always right. Use our experience if you need a design for special workstations. We will design and manufacture individual workplaces or systems capable of batch production which are exactly tailored to your requirements and meet your most exacting design, functionality and quality demands.

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