acoustic ceiling sail
RDS-02 Acoustic ceiling sails, photo: Christoph Edelhoff

Ceiling sails & ceiling systems

acoustic ceiling sail
RDS-03, photo: Christoph Edelhoff

The length of the reverberation time determines the quality of room acoustics. Long reverberation times are perceived as unpleasant and distracting, short reverberation times as pleasant, intimate and concentration-enhancing. Long reverberation times lead to poor understanding of speech and, if several people are speaking, to a constant increase in the noise level. In such cases, mental work processes require increased concentration, accelerating the onset of tiredness, exhaustion and the feeling of being “drained”. Rooms of this nature require materials with an exceptionally high ability to absorb sound in order to reduce the reverberation time. If enough of them are positioned correctly at strategic points throughout the room, acoustic ceiling sails and ceiling systems constitute very efficient sound absorbers on a surface, most of which is still available – the ceiling. And so that any disruption to your business processes caused by the installation of these devices is reduced to a minimum, we will be happy to install them at night or during the weekend for you.

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